"Read. It makes you more intelligent. It’s that simple. We all see the universe through the tiny keyhole of our own eyes, and every book is another keyhole from which you can gaze."

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"But confusingly, misogynists are sometimes men who speak softly and eat vegan and say “a woman’s sexual freedom is an essential component to her liberation. So come here.” It’s a tricky world out there. And while I’d prefer a critical approach to gender from men I elect, read and even bed, in my experience, the so-called feminist men I’ve met deep down have not been less antagonistic or bigoted toward women. What I see over and over again is misogyny in sheep’s clothing, and at this point, I would rather see wolves as wolves."

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Why I will never immediately trust men why call themselves “feminist”.

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"If I succeed I create the opportunity for more people to succeed…" — This

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"There’s no universal definition of a slut, because a slut is when someone else’s sexual behavior makes you uncomfortable. Or maybe it’s just something we call people when we aren’t getting laid ourselves."

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Almond milk is awesome.

I switched to Almond milk. So good.

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Liberal white feminists’ overwhelming focus on recruiting heterosexual men who refuse to interrogate their privilege ends up centering feminism on men’s approval of us. We need to have spaces where we can address the needs of our movement without falling into the patterns of ceding space in conversations to men. We need to continue working toward a feminist praxis that includes an active engagement with the ways we replicate oppression by privileging white men’s voices and perspectives over the voices of women of color.


David Bowie on the fan mail he receives. (1972)

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"I don’t consider myself a feminist, I prefer to call myself a humanist or an egalitarian."

- Pseudo-intellectual white dude who prefers to imagine that he’s more enlightened than feminists and also is uncomfortable with the thought that he’s part of the problem and also has a incorrect conception of feminism. (via brighterthanroses)

Holy fuck injust had this conversation with a male friend of mine last night. So frustrating!

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